Sparkling Apple Juice (NO ALCOHOL)

Refreshing Sparkling Apple Juice
Pairs well with Pizza, Shrimps, Salad and Wings
Refreshing In Every Drop (Zero Alcohol)



Experience the effervescence of nature with Somersby non-alcoholic sparkling apple juice. A symphony of sweetness, this easy-drinking delight offers a unique balance of fruity and sour notes, creating a refreshing cascade of flavors.

The Sparkling Apple Juice is not just a drink, it’s a companion to your meals. Whether it’s seafood, pizza, or salad, our apple juice adds a sparkling touch to your dining experience.

Immerse yourself in the dominant freshness of apple, harmoniously tuned with floral, green, and blooming notes. Savor the long-lasting fruity flavors, the pleasant acidity, and the lingering sweetness that dances on your palate.

For the ultimate refreshment, serve it over ice and let the crisp apple essence invigorate your senses. Dive into the orchard-fresh experience of our sparkling apple juice today!

Note: Zero Alcohol (Just Fizzy Juice)


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