Manhattan Beef Pepperoni

Base: Neapolitan Sauce
Crust: Classic/ New York (Thin)/ Garlic Cheese
Toppings: Beef Pepperonis

Starting From RM17.99

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Taste the irresistible flavors of our Manhanttan Beef Pepperoni Pizza with zesty tomato sauce, gooey melted cheese toppings, and hearty slices of premium beef pepperoni. Each savory bite is packed with the rich, smoky essence of quality pepperoni made from 100% beef. The spices in the pepperoni add a delightful kick that dances on your tongue.

1 review for Manhattan Beef Pepperoni

  1. Daniel Hadwyn

    I recently tried the pepperoni pizza from NY Pizza and it was an absolute delight for my tastebuds! The interplay of flavors took this classic pizza to the next level.

    The aromatic beef pepperoni was the star of the show. Generous slices covered the pizza, edged with a slight crispiness while the centers remained soft and oozy. The pepperoni’s savory and slightly spicy flavor permeated each bite.

    Underneath, the cheese blend of mozzarella, provolone and cheddar added creamy, gooey goodness. The cheese locked in the spices from the pepperoni and created a perfect harmony of flavors.

    The crust is what sealed the deal for me. It had just the right balance of a soft interior with a light crunch on the outer rim. Sturdy enough to handle all the toppings but with a subtle fluffiness that didn’t overwhelm.

    With each bite I got that ideal mix of warm, melty cheese, aromatic pepperoni and just a bit of crunch from the crust. It was pizza perfection! The ingredients came together brilliantly for a top-notch pizza experience.

    Kudos to NY Pizza for creating my new favorite pepperoni pizza. I’ll definitely be back frequently to satisfy my cravings for this outstanding pizza! Five stars for excellent flavors from start to finish.

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