King’s D’Lite Pizza

Base: Garlic & Carbonara Sauce
Crust: Classic/ New York (Thin)/ Garlic Cheese
Toppings: Oregano Chicken, Mushroom, Onion

Starting From RM17.99

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Introducing the King’s D’Lite – a royal feast for your tastebuds! This indulgent pizza starts with a crispy outer crust, brushed with savory garlic butter and topped with our creamy carbonara sauce. We then pile on juicy chunks of oregano chicken, caramelized onions, mushrooms and our famous blend of melty, stretchy NY-style pizza cheeses. The pie is baked to perfection until the cheese is oozing and browned. Finally, we finish it off with a drizzle of cool, tangy thousand island dressing.

Every bite of the King’s D’Lite delivers a symphony of flavors – the garlic butter crust, rich carbonara sauce, juicy chicken, sweet onions, earthy mushrooms and sharp cheese combine for a decadent pizza experience. The thousand island dressing adds a cooling contrast to each mouthwatering bite.

Fit for a king yet delightfully diet-friendly, the King’s D’Lite satisfies without the guilt! Come savor the rich tastes fit for royalty at our pizzeria today. We bake each King’s D’Lite fresh daily with high quality ingredients. One taste of this gourmet pizza creation and you’ll feel like pizza royalty!


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