Buffy Me Auspicious

Base: Black Pepper Sauce
Crust: Classic/ New York (Thin)/ Garlic Cheese
Toppings: House-Made Beef Balls, Onions, Pickled Cukes

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Ring in the Year of the Dragon with Buffy Me Auspicious – a fresh, fortune-filled pizza creation from New York Pizza to celebrate Lunar New Year. This limited-time pie is topped with hearty, protein-packed beef balls symbolizing strength and prosperity in the coming year. Generous golden onions bring luck and abundance, while crunchy pickled cukes representing wealth and traditions. The crowning glory is a bold black pepper sauce, spicy like dragon fire, signifying new beginnings. With each savory bite, we wish you good health, success and happiness in the years ahead. Our Buffy Me Auspicious pizza is specially crafted to honor Chinese culture and heritage. The auspicious ingredients come together in perfect harmony just for this festive occasion. Enjoy its lucky flavors as you toast the Lunar New Year with family and friends. Here’s to a bright future in 2024, the Year of the Dragon!


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