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Original price was: RM23.99.Current price is: RM22.99.

Manhattan Wings

Baked Chicken Wings
Smokey & Tangy BBQ Sauce
House Best Seller


Bianca Carbonara

Base: Carbonara Sauce, Drizl;ing of Mayonnaise
Crust: Classic/ New York (Thin)/ Garlic Cheese
Toppings: Chicken Slice, Pineapple, Onion

Starting From RM16.99

NY Apple Cheese Pizza

Base: Thin Layer Mayonnaise
Crust: Classic Hand-Tossed
Toppings: Tangy Cinnamon Apple, Shredded Cheese


Maui Pizza ( Hawaiian )

Base: Neapolitan Sauce
Crust: Classic/ New York (Thin)/ Garlic Cheese
Toppings: Chicken ham, Pineapples

Starting From RM15.99

NY Chicken Lasagna

Ingredients: Lasagna Pasta Sheets
Bolognese Sauce, minced Chicken
Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan Cheese


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