Ice Mocha

Premium Coffee,
Frothed Milk, Chocolate
Served over ice.


Ice Latte

Premium Coffee,
Frothed Fresh Milk
With Ice (no artificial flavouring)


Queens Ice Lemon Tea

Chilled Freshly Brewed Ice Tea
Infused with Fresh Squeeze Lemon
Juice Served over ice.


Queens Ice Tea

Chilled Freshly Brewed Ice Tea
Refreshing cold tea
Served over ice.


Schweppes Original Soda Water

Original Schweppes Soda Water.
Ideal Match for New York Pizza. Guilt Free
Refreshment in every Sugar-free Sip.


Pepsi Cola

Invigorating Pepsi-Cola. Taste of the Modern Era.
Complements the Diverse Cuisine at New York Pizza.
Revitalizing With Each Sip.


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